This page details the changes that have been made since the 1.0RC release. For a general overview of changes since 0.1, you can read the overview 1.0 release notes.

Features Edit

  • Support Id mappings without a property, used for value-type style mappings. Id<int>("id-column")
  • Allow null as a valid value for nullable ids
  • Basic enum support to the HasMany Where expression parser
  • Brought version, discriminator, and id to the same level as property for column attribute support
  • Native generator with a sequence to identity generator
  • SchemaAction to ClassMap
  • Removed magic inside that was preventing use in medium trust scenarios
  • HashSet added to collection type auto-detection routines
  • Abstract classes that aren't layer supertypes to the automapper
  • Ignore open generic types in the automapper
  • format_sql in configuration
  • Custom identity generator class support
  • AutoImport convention
  • Id generator prediction support for the automapper

Fixes Edit

  • Ability to mix inline subclass mappings with SubclassMap based mappings
  • Inheritance hierarchies where every level may not be mapped
  • Interfaces as parents in inheritance hierarchies
  • Changed AsSet and AsMap to use IComparer<T> instead of IComparer
  • Stopped the debugger from evaluating the Not properties, which causes debugging nightmares
  • Any properties used in an automapped entity with a composite-id are now not re-mapped
  • ForeignKeyConvention breaking on automapped one-to-many's
  • byte[] version columns are now automapped as sql timestamp properties, following ayende's example
  • Cache alterations working in the automapper again
  • Repeated Joins
  • Overriding generators in conventions
  • Collections always got a one-to-many element

Misc Edit

  • Renamed ForTypesThatDeriveFrom to Override
  • Renamed ForAllTypes to OverrideAll
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